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Unternehmen mit Chatbot Technologie
Eintrag vom: 07.02.2021 - Ablauf: 08.05.2021
  Our Dialogue System, a chatbot, uses our patented Automated Reasoning in Natural language to provide probable and accurate answers to user questions.
The Dialogue System can remember confidential user information, such as location of a key, medicament, money, etc. and will retrieve this information when asked. This ability of the chatbot can be extended to cover any valuable information.
We have developed commercial English and German chatbots for off-line use on a Personal Computer running Windows OS.
If you want to provide information to your clients about your services and if you don't want your competitors to know what you offer, our chatbot technology is the best solution for you. You can install the chatbot on your own computer and put it in the waiting room.
Our Dialogue System can be integrated in humanoids as well. Off-line chatbot cannot be disabled because of flying debris or international conflicts.
Make us an offer for our chatbot business.
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