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Touristic Branche in Greece with 13 % net winn per year
Eintrag vom: 23.05.2019 - Ablauf: 22.05.2020
  if you have interest invest in three apartment buildings for the touristic branche
in Greece Artemida, 10 kilometer from central airport in Athen, 10 meter - 200 meter from beach and very cheap, winn from rent the appartment is ca. 13 % per year, write me on this e-mail.
The square meter in this time in Greece and for this three apartment buildings is 1.500 €/m². Expert predict go the price in 5 years up to 3.000 €/m².

The 2 appartment building needs a revonation, after this the value go up 35 %.

Invest-Capital: 3.080.000 €
net profit per year: 398.000 €

Best regards
Georgios Sklivanos
St.-Bonifatius-Str. 18
81541 München
PLZ: 81541 Ort: München
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